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Modern security already produces massive streams of data, typically in the form of logs, notifications, and alerts. Handling simultaneous threats is a major concern in the fields of cyber and physical security, especially since evaluation of such data becomes obviously harder when numerous events take place, consume time and resources that eventually undermine quick reaction. We are here to provide modern management through several features:

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Built to permit constant user interference. Adjusting prioritization and grouping metrics is done through simple mouse actions and do not require common rule-base programming.

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Combines and prioritizes fragmented alerts, displays unlimited number of events while preserving situational awareness for decision makers and enables policy enforcement with a single click.

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Revolutionizing teamwork by comparing received assignments with pending tasks with no user effort whatsoever, making sure the most destructive events are handled first.

Enterprise security

The average annual loss to companies exceed $7.7 million, some companies losing up to $65 million a year. But companies are fighting back and deploying various security technologies that generate constant streams of alerts resulting monitoring complexity, to decrease costs and complexity, enterprises need integrated security solutions that provide visibility and control.
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Critical infrastructure

Facilities associated with generation of electricity, telecommunication, water supply, production and distribution of flammable substances like gas and oil are all so vital to national security that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on public security and economy.
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Border control and perimeter protection

Electronic fences, video motion detection (VMD) and radar solutions are modern technologies aimed to detect intrusions and hostile penetration of international borders and closed perimeters, but the fragmented alerts generated by these devices contain only technical details and missing context, normally requiring dispatching ground forces along distances in order to verify the certainty of each event, consuming resources and causing loss of operational awareness.

Smart and safe cities

Securing public spaces requires wide use of modern technologies such as cameras, panic buttons, environmental sensors, gunfire detection but the vast majority of the events are reported through emergency call-centers such as 911.

About us

SENSE is an Israeli startup company born within the Security Industry. Established in February 2014, and supported by former chief executives from top security agencies; Ruben Paz- Former Chief of Operations in a national security agency and General (ret.) Alex Tal- Former Commander of the Israeli Navy. The company also counts on several figures from Israeli National Police and IDF who serve as advisors to the company’s board.

The Team

team member

Gabriel Feldman


team member

Daniel Glazman

Product Designer

team member

Itzhak Yuli (PhD)

Algorithm Expert

team member

Gil Kraus


team member

Miki Naim


The Board

team member

Ruben Paz

Former COO in a National Security Agency

team member

Alex Tal

Former commander of the Israeli navy

team member

Reuven Ulmansky

Partner in Wadi-Ventures


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